Sexual Radar


What will they think of next? Just when it seems that sexuality cannot possibly be taken any further on the internet, some genius comes up with something that indeed does just that. Yes, it is now possible to give real time updates on your location, via both your cell phone and computer, with the intention being to track down who is available in your immediate surroundings for sexual activity. A sexual radar, if you will, that easily enables zippers to come undone with maximum speed. Online dating has officially become oversexed. If this all seems a bit too creepy and like big government watching over you and monitoring your sexual affairs, well, it kind of is. But then again, when you score the easy lay because you find out that someone twenty feet from you at the bookstore is looking to be sexually used and dominated, well it all becomes a little bit more complicated. And since humans, especially men, are ruled by their base desires, all rational concerns about such tracking devices usually fly out the window once a pattern of easy technological intercourse is established. Such online dating devices surely could become an addictive obsession. Men will be walking around getting blowjobs at every turn, neglecting their errands for a quick romp in the hay. You do have the option to turn off these trackers, but not many people do. And why would they? There is always the curious wonder in the back of your mind about who may be nearby, and what they may want from you and your body. The technology exists, so people are programmed to kind of go along with it. Eventually, when single people realize that there is no challenge anymore to the mating hunt, things may backfire a bit. There certainly will always be a thrill to the game of finding conquests, so having it so easily at your fingertips can get boring. Online dating needs to remember that the brain is the biggest sex organ.